Custom Workshops/Training


Strategic Development and Visioning

In his book Breaking the Rules… Kurt Wright advocates a focus on asking questions that draw participants into an energetic and intuitive process. We are big advocates of what Kurt Wright calls asking ‘What’s Right?’ questions. The process of strategic development and visioning is an extension of this process. Vision is created out of a common understanding of What’s Right? Why? What would be ‘best’? This result is a tangible vision based on the inherent talents and strengths of the organization, defining the vision in a way that begs the ‘right’ questions: Where are the gaps? and What resources do we have to build the bridges?

Heron stands ready to facilitate the process of creating that Vision with you.

Other Custom Workshops

Here are some examples of workshops that can be customized for your needs:

  • The Leader as Servant: Who’s Going to Follow?
  • Is your Board Bored?
  • Where is the Joy in a 360 Performance Appraisal?
  • Visioning from the Bottom Up?
  • ‘Work/Life Balance’ — an Oxymoron?


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