Leadership Development


ThirdLevel’s Inspirational

Leadership Journey™ is a personal

and professional adventure that

delivers eye-opening, life-changing

benefits for a lifetime.


This experience opens the door to:

  1. Profound changes in individual and team behaviors
  2. Better relationships through deeper awareness of self and others
  3. More effective decision-making, conflict management and attainment of the next level of business performance


The Leadership Journey Starts Here

ThirdLEVEL leadership programs are the most powerful way to prepare individuals and teams for outstanding, sustainable business results. Each is fully customized based on input from the client and potential delegates to heighten commitment, engagement and ownership from the outset—and effectively align with existing management objectives and undertakings.

The Leadership Journey you embark on runs over a four- to twelve-month period (depending on client requirements), and consists of:

  1. Monthly training sessionsLeadership training
  2. Individual and group coaching
  3. A business project that focuses team efforts in a practical and applied manner.
  4. An Emotional Intelligence 360 conducted at the beginning and conclusion of the program as one benchmark for measurement.
  5. Applied EI throughout the duration of the program



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