Executive Coaching


Executive coaching is the fastest growing development tool in the competitive corporate arena. What has been the standard for progressive and successful Fortune 500 companies is now recognized as even more critical to success in emerging growth companies. The pace of growth and the price of failure in this segment of the economy creates enormous pressure on the executive team.

Why does it work?

Ones’ own blocks (limited beliefs, narrow interpretations, etc.) are very often the toughest to see. Many people cannot connect with their own vision, or see and believe in their ability to overcome their own blocks. A coach can help them do both.


1. Coaching provides a structure for learning to use existing resources – in new ways.

2. The consistency of working with a high level professional coach each week offers the client a confidential platform to practice their new skills.

3. Clients achieve their goals in record time because of they are more willing to take calculated risks.

Who works with an Executive Coach?

Executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, visionaries, and anyone in transition can work with a coach. An effective coach and a willing client work together to create solutions, re-interpret professional and personal issues, clarify goals, and create short and long range plans.

Heron Coaching works especially well with these types of clients:

  1. Key leaders within organizations who desire help in dealing with colleagues, clients, and stake-holders
  2. Entrepreneurs and professionals who seek leadership skills to take themselves to the next level of success.
  3. Individuals bringing their product or vision to the market and want to remain motivated and focused on outcomes.
  4. Teams and team leaders who want to re-culture their company for greatness.


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