EI Assessment and Training


Why Emotional Intelligence?

To improve the business results of your people and their teams. Research has demonstrated that Emotional Intelligence is the single most significant factor in workplace success/effectiveness – higher than either intelligence or personality. Moreover, while IQ, personality, and behavioral tendencies are relatively static, Emotional Intelligence is a competency that can be developed.

What is Heron Applied EI?

Heron Coaching has developed Heron Applied EI – a powerful program uniquely integrating the proven coaching and training methods and results of Heron Coaching with the genius and simplicity of the Genos E.I.® Assessment Tool.

The Genos® Assessment Tool

The Genos E.I. tool has been optimized for the workplace – and well-tested in the market place.

  1. Proven — The most highly validated workplace measure of EI through peer review and market place testing.
  2. Time efficient — Takes only 15 minutes for each individual to complete the assessment, making participation and compliance accessible to busy managers and executives.
  3. Easy to Interpret — Written in everyday prose, the concepts and results are easily understood. The process of implementing the developmental strategies included in the report can start immediately.

Genos is a powerful and robust E.I. assessment tool. It lays the groundwork for profound improvement in the results of managers, executives and their teams when combined with the power of implementing Heron developmental strategies over time.

Heron EI Package

A tailored approach for assessing, developing, and applying emotional intelligence in support of corporate strategy to maximize your goals and objectives. You define the results that you want!

Process outline:

  1. Outcomes, Measures, and Targets – both hard and soft – are agreed between Heron and the Client, to which Heron will hold itself accountable
  2. Inspirational Program Launch – to get employee ‘buy-in’
  3. Self and 360 degree Assessment
  4. Individual Assessment Debriefing – the path to success is agreed
  5. Group Report – for the team and management (Optional)
  6. Individual Development Strategy and Coaching Program (4-6 Months)
  7. Re-assessment – the participants’ results are demonstrated and quantified
  8. Review — of outcomes, measures and targets for success

Lasting Effects:

The integration of EI assessment with Heron development strategies and coaching create a sustained shift in key areas: communication, cooperation, engagement, satisfaction – and productivity.

Applied Emotional Intelligence Improves Your Bottom Line!


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