Margaret Haffenden

Margaret Haffenden – a partner in ThirdLEVEL is an Executive Coach, Corporate Leadership Trainer and Facilitator specializing in Applied Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is seen to be key to effective leadership irrespective of industry or sector.

A graduate in Russian and International Relations and formerly a Senior Editor at Reed Elsevier and Marketing Director of RINET, a world-wide electronic network, Margaret is a European Commission-accredited Executive Coach and an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner accredited by GENOS in Australia.

Since 2000, Margaret has worked extensively across Europe with organisations that seek to integrate the behaviors, mind-sets and relationships necessary to sustainable success. Her clients come from the public and private sector and include the European Commission, where she coaches Directors General through to Heads of Unit in a wide range Directorates General, as well as a number of Cabinet members. Her private sector clients include Accenture, Philips, PWC and Lagan Construction.

The issues Margaret addresses in partnership with her clients range from defining and integrating healthy corporate cultures, to unblocking and aligning Boards in deadlock; assisting managers in conflict with their teams; facilitating the movement from inter-departmental ‘cold wars’ to teamwork; challenging the CEO with no time for a private life; and coaching for higher self-esteem, better communication skills and leadership development.

Through the vehicle of tailor-made leadership programs, Margaret guides people toward the self-awareness, empathy and communication skills needed to enable them to handle change, conflict, diversity, business growth and the pressures of today’s 24 hour e-world – and thus achieve increased engagement and profitability within their companies. Recent assignments have taken the form of 9-month leadership development program with an individual coaching, group training and facilitation component, as well as the design and facilitation of strategic off-site retreats.

After 23 years living abroad – in Holland from 1983 to 1990 and in Belgium from 1990 until summer 2006 – Margaret moved back to England’s beautiful West Country.



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